San Graphic & Advertisement Co., providing novel and strong advertising campaigns, coming up with innovative ideas and creative production, is one of the few experienced companies in the field. Supporting organizations in economic and social areas, guiding them through the market by means of proper introduction, development and advertisement, is San’s perspective on its professional career

All you need to know about us…

Experts in communication and business, in general, consider advertisement as series of neat and aimed communications by creative and novel ways that can help consumers buy a goods or service. Efficiency of an advertisement campaign is not noticeable in the beginning; however, in the course of time, it will help a typical company increase its share of the market. It takes time for the advertisement campaign to take effect. Whenever we think about a typical campaign’s influence, indeed it is the brand whose status is of importance. These steps will bloom after a systematic series of advertisement.

What follows is the professional resume of a team of experienced stuff in advertisement, branding and marketing from 2001 onwards who could prove themselves as worthy of international market. This a short review of what we have achieved.


This year was the starting point for San Graphic and Design Co. It set out helping companies with advertising their goods and services. Coming up with effective ideas is the first step in any campaign. It goes without saying that a great idea is indeed the most important factor in any advertisement. Research in marketing and advertising revealed that, however, a great idea is not the only prerequisite for a campaign’s success. It should be equipped with an aimed methodical campaign developed by experts in advertisement and marketing with regard to the nature of the goods or service being advertised and the brand’s status in the market—thus the success of that initial great idea. San, having invited owners of great ideas and experts in the field of advertisement, started this unit aiming at creativity.


Nowadays visual and graphical works not only pose a great influence upon success of an advertisement, but also are practical in all communicative contexts. Picture is the foremost medium in advertisement and has great influence in getting through to the audience, and naturally it is graphical properties of an advertisement that makes it possible and also boosts audiences’ understanding of and attraction to the news and materials in the media, especially one the net. Picture and graphic properties could be used to introduce a country’s culture and tradition to the world, or even make peace and develop democracy throughout the world. The role of graphic properties in an advertisement is undeniable and can make a revolution in a product’s success.

Picture in our current world was indeed understood as critical and important long ago. It is nothing far from reality to say that graphic properties of a typical campaign in today world is the sole meaning actualizing machine; also, what seems to be as important here is that a picture should be creative and pleasurable for the eye to follow it and communicate with it. Of the many popular brands and companies that have consulted San to develop their advertisement campaigns we can point to “Mahya Protein,” “Iranian National Robocop Team,” “BiFi Meat Products,” “Mellat Bank,” “Ma Insurance,” “ShoofazhKar Central Heating Services,” to name but a few. A professional graphic studio is clearly of utmost importance in the success of any advertising and branding company, and San realized this step in 2002—our technical graphic studio is a source of strength in San.


During the past few years, with developments in printing industry in Iran and the increase in the quality of newspapers and magazines, advertisement also gained a better status in the market. In 2003 San Graphic and Design Co. decided to allocate part of their expertise to this critical branch as well as other activities already at work, thus the larger share printing had in the whole company. Utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and help from seasoned experts, San managed to meet the market needs for various printing jobs side by side the graphic services so far in place.


Of San’s most essential activities in 2004, developing and holding seminars and exhibitions are of great importance. It goes without saying that holding quality seminars and exhibitions require top levels of skills, performance, and knowledge, which cannot be achieved over night without a minute carefully-designed schedule. San managed to possess a large share of professional conferences in 2004. Companies and brands that planned to hold such events, left their assemblies to San. As it was before, still holding seminars and exhibitions is part of the many services San provides its clients with.


One of the critical yet less referred to bases of advertisement is motivating the audience to buy the product—call for action, to put it plainly—in whose success, picture plays a leading role. Photography is one important leg of any advertisement. A product’s picture should be repeatedly used, whenever possible. This seems to be pre-approved in advertising, noting the fact that still picture quality cannot be taken for granted. Proper photographing plays a vital role in introducing the nature of a product, production line in a factory etc. Therefore San, utilizing its professional advertising and industrial photography studio, producing pictures and slides in different sizes, provides photography services since 2005.


The audience’s understanding an advertisement is the very first step in a campaign’s success, and this may not be achieved unless the message is clear enough. Among many, one basic strategy in institutionalizing a brand is repetition, repeating its name for the audience. There are many words, examples, and symbols that can be put to memory by repetition. Organizations want us to think about their products and then give clear and intriguing explanation to the audience—this is what Content Development in advertising companies entails. Simplicity in the advertising message without sacrificing the content is indeed an art. In content production, the two questions repeatedly asked must be “What will the audience understand from this message?” and “Is the audience’s understanding of the message what we had in mind initially?” Content development in a professional advertising company is among the leading requirements for success of its clients. San, using expertise of seasoned stuff familiar with advertisement, developed its Content Development section in 2008.


Nowadays the concern in the world of advertisement is not just creation of a connection, but also retention of that initial connection. In retaining a relationship, selecting the proper media for target audience plays an important role. One important feature of any successful advertisement is comprehensive marketing research and identification of target audience and groups.
Advertising based on research can pave the way for making this field more and more professional and is considered a key factor in marketing process. But really how much importance do we bestow upon research in marketing? And do we actually know our audience and media? Existence of advertisement in any media can guarantee noticeable revenues. These advertisements can also be used in another direction; informing others.

In developed and first world countries, there is much emphasis on this section. Media and advertisement experts believe that an advertisement should be informative in order to captivate the market. There are many other functions ascribed to advertisement, including an increase in sales, developing a fair competition, adding up to production, balancing the prices in the market, creating job opportunities, and activating economy. Sales department might vary its audience involvement according to its goal, whether to inform the audience or just to repeat the product in the market.
Advertisers can prove a product’s merit by proper research in the market and appropriate campaigning for it; to this end, Media Ad-Center section in San was developed in 2010 in order to include professional media advertisement in San’s services to its clients..


Advertising Campaign
San is trying to present its services in the form of advertisement campaigns. That means we accompany our client from the very first steps in production, along with counselling sessions up to carrying out the campaign. Advertisement campaign literally mean advertisement fight—‘competition’ so say. The title ‘advertising campaign’ can be seen in many advertising companies’ résumé, but in the true sense of the word, a campaign’s main role would include counselling, scheduling from the beginning for idea development, production and performing the actual campaign. However, campaigns should aim at increasing sales, securing futures sales, and also boosting customers for the campaign client. In short, every campaign comprises four basic phases: scheduling, project management, performing, and evaluating.

Scheduling in a campaign means that a client would see a track ahead of itself to pass through to success y proper introduction of its product. Many factors are taken into consideration in this phase, such as proper budgeting, market status, other opponents, and also goals that the client is pursuing.
San begins with providing the customer with a proposal campaign in the form of a file compiled by skilled strategists, after whose approval, a minute scheduling would then start. This can include graphic design, shooting films, creating environmental or television media, industrial photographing, press advertising, seminars, posters and actualizing any other graphic idea at a professional level. One important responsibility of a campaign is to collect customer feedback as soon as it starts. Indeed, San does not consider its job finished after the campaign is performed, and by doing research in the market about the product and also with help of counsellors analyzes audience connection to the target product. What is of utmost importance in this phase, is San’s resourcefulness in campaign management regarding ultimate efficiency, clear budgeting, minute scheduling, for proper production suitable for a brand, along with accurate arrangements between different sections, error correction, delay management, staff replacement, job assignment, strategic shifts, schedule modification for media, …. For sure, a company’s advertisement campaign would be inspired by grand picture of the client company and its marketing goals. Good scheduling can guarantee the shortest yet most efficient path towards the desired goal at the end.

According to many experts in marketing, carrying out a campaign is not a simple job and requires clear phases organized accordingly, including:

Scheduling the advertisement: only by setting an accurate advertising schedule you can reach your goals, let alone knowing your opponents and market better.

Creating a working plan: after scheduling the steps, you need a work plan. This includes necessary information in performing different strategic phases of your schedule.

Budgeting the campaign: in market competition, a big budget must be allocated in order for the campaign to be influential. Even huge multi-branch organizations are facing problems in this. Therefore a well-organized and accurate planning. Advertisers can go as far as your budget allows for. So, essential to your campaign’s security is to have an exact account of how much you want to spend for it, thus the logical decision making for selecting proper advertising devices and media.

Utilizing proper tools in advertisement: of all advertising devices available to you, it is necessary to choose one or more with regard to your needs and resources. After reviewing your job and marketing plan, it is time to select the best tools for the campaign.

Competitive Advantages

One who advertises, may individually get the tools and the medium for the campaign and choose a media to get to their goal. In today’s competitive market, however, companies need professional analysis of their opponents and identification of their own competitive merits by whose publicizing they can gain a central position an at the same time larger share of the market in order to gain customer trust and live on. Successful companies invest more in campaigning their competitive merits, because it can be considered an act of mutual trust. Competitive strategy includes measurements in winning clients along with the market. After all, how is it done? What are competitive advantages of San Graphic and Design Co.? In San, we would start with counselling sessions for our client and present all the available tools for the target product and campaign along with an overview of budgeting for the campaign. For instance, San counsellors may see no point in using expensive media for a special advertising campaign, thus the necessity of informing the client during our counselling sessions about ramifications ahead. In addition, as said earlier, San would cast a sharp eye on proper execution of each and every step taking into consideration the quality of structure and performance in addition to prices. After execution of the campaign, related feedback is analyzed and based on it, we will buttress week points and retain sources of strength, thus the stability of the whole campaign in different areas.

Advertisement Merits

Marketing and advertisement are two crucial wings of developments in sales and marketing. Companies at work in this area, using different tools in marketing and advertising, may impose opportunities and/or threats to companies and organizations. When a company’s economic condition goes down and cannot get back on track, or when a brand fails in gaining a name in market, the first thing it does is to stop advertising expenses. But, is there really no other way to get over the economic failure? Well, if a company stops advertising, for a limited period of time sales might remain consistent—with no noticeable fluctuation—and this might sound tempting to managers and budgeters. But, will this condition remain stable for a long time? The question here is, until when cutting of advertisement can do good to the company, and what ramifications are behind this halt? Many managers might think they already have got their fixed clients and can reduce their expenses by cutting down on advertisement costs. It is worth mentioning that stopping advertisement for a company works more or less like a chronic disease that shows itself very late in its development. Absence of advertisement leads customers to products whose brands are already on billboards and papers, because advertisement gives the impression that new brands with novel features and new qualities can secure better horizons, thus pushing the old brands farther back into customers’ lost memories. This is when the troubled company gets to have second thoughts on this issue, deciding to start over which in its own vein might impose new crises in getting back on marketing track.

A word with you, or, what are the merits of having a counsellor?

Moving forward in advertisement is not easy. Without knowing ups and downs of the path, we are doomed to fall. Counselling in fact shows the path ahead of a brand in reaching its target market. Advertisement is the path through which a company, by proper scheduling and planned steps, connects to its clients; benefiting from professional advice can guarantee your success in a protocol. Put plainly, advertisement is a way for companies to send their message to their clients. The key question is, what path should an advertising campaign choose to have an effective connection with its audience? In order for a campaign to be successful and effective, it is necessary that it follow a minutely planned schedule which can help us tread on the correct path. Managers in companies need to have a good understanding of marketing, advertisement, and investments in the field, and this is possible only with constant help from a professional counsellor.


2002 - Development of business ideas for advertisement services
2003 - Starting graphic studio center
2004 - Starting printing center and print admin istration services
2005 - Maximizing idea brainstorming and design; holding seminars and exhibitions
2006 - Gathering expertise in artistic and industrial photography
2009 - Starting content production center
2010 - Gaining permission license for media advertisement
2011 - San is trying to present its services in the form of advertisement campaigns