In your advertising for your company, think about how much an advertising company can effectively help you reach your goal. Of course you spend a lot of time thinking about brand name, market analysis, new branch development, and/or creating sales and distribution complexes—and all of this needs proper tools and system design. For sure, advertising systems are in need of detailed and organized researches. This information should be concerning product features and need analysis in the market, which is an advertiser’s sole responsibility to actualize sales development—by planning a system on the basis of these information. Counselling must accompany a client from the very first steps until the end. For any company or organization, sales development, service providing, and gaining a larger share in the market are the main goals reached by many great names and famous brands, throughout the history of advertisements, by incessant help of professional counsellors. What San Graphic and Design Co. provides as ‘counselling’ to its clients is a detailed analysis of market modules for that especial organization along with proper approaches for developing sales and services.

Practical Research in Advertisement

Proposals put forward in counselling sessions will be no more than a theory unless further practical research has been carried out. Practical research indeed is a series of well-organized studies in which all the results of counselling sessions will be analyzed. This research is a logical movement aimed at discovering a product status in the market. Such a research is the main requirement of any successful campaign in reaching brand development for a typical product. On the other hand, research can be looked upon as a source of revenue—managers of a company can know where exactly in the market they are standing, which can end in their products’ growth up to a stable condition.

Selecting Strategy in Advertisement

Strategy in advertisement is not a complicated term—as is in other fields. Strategy is of value when we are considering goals in a company. Selecting the proper strategy has direct influence on the advertisement. In the two important steps before the actual advertisement: step one is posing questions about the goals of advertising, and step two involves justifying each and every step the company is to take until the end. Companies create trust for their clients by proper advertisement on their brands, and strategy can pave the way in introducing a new brand to the market. In addition, marketing strategy can play an important role in grand budgeting of a company—for example, where in merchandise lifetime curve a typical product stands. For a typical company, strategy involves three phases: short term, middle term, and long term. At this point, San provides the client company’s manager with detailed set of activities in product identification, brand revivification, and market development.

Approach Proposition

In selecting the proper approach, managers in an advertising company plan a path to win the customers for a client. In this phase indeed heads of the client company are briefed on influential approaches for advertisement. It is any manager’s certain right to have a clear idea of the path they are treading on, of course on the basis of a trust in the advertising team. In approach proposition phase, issues like these are tackled: the most influential up-to-date method for advertising, the most efficient procedures for introducing novel products into the market, features of different media in order to work efficiently in brand institutionalization, procedures for sales development, how to build trust in the customers, and how a company can compete with big names in the market. San has been providing quality approaches with the help of marketing and advertising experts. Proposed approaches are totally practical and are equipped with executive descriptions on advertisement goals, budgets, phases, required media, relevant messages and mottos, along with evaluative plans to analyze customer feedback in the end.

Media Productions

To count one major difference between advertisements now with its previous versions in the past couple of years, we should point at the advent of new media; in the past, advertisement would be turned into a message by means of primitive tools and was then sent to the audience in the form of a one-way connection. Loads of detailed items were jammed into one drab holistic motto in brochures and posters for the market. Such crude campaigns are now obsolete due to the necessity of utilizing the large range of audiences in different media. In addition, new media types are interactive—audience is not a passive receiver of mottos and campaigns, but actively involved.
Media productions can have a decisive role in repetition of a brand. These days media are not limited to posters; there are various media that can work as mediators [between companies and customers.] For instance, there are people who go through the same street over and over every day, and see business brands and mottos, and even put them to their minds. Visual media like TV with which people spend long hours, on the other hand, can effectively familiarize specific brands for people. San Graphic and Design Co. is able to provide quality services in all media broadcasts in the form of advertisement teasers, press advertisements, billboards etc. using expertise of seasoned professionals visual, environmental, and press media. In a glance, these services are advertisement teasers, documentary and educational films, planning advertisement teaser charts, advertisement in newspapers, joint programs with Iran National Media, printing services, to name but a few.

Graphic Design

Modern advertisement makes use of graphic designs to reach its goal. Graphic designing, essentially, is a visual movement as old as history. Graphic designing is not only an art, but as media factor. So, what exactly is the role of graphic media? Graphic design is considered one of the most important factors in successful advertisement, including TV and cinema commercials, product packaging, road traffic signs, shop windows, street and environmental decorations like hotels, airport and subways, restaurants and parks, supermarkets and different sports, art and culture centers, building and public transportation [bus, trains, airplanes] graphic designs, billboards in large size, and wall paintings etc. Environmental graphic design plays an important role in this field and plays a crucial role in achieving the ultimate goal, therefore having a large share in advertisement and business activities. By interior and exterior environmental graphic design we mean creation of an enjoyable, healthy, and satisfying life. San Graphic and Design Co. maneuvers on organizational identity design and execution, designing logo, sign, character and office papers, brochures, catalogues, packaging and visual covers for products, press advertisements, poster design, environmental advertisements, magazine and newspaper ad design, book and press illustration and design, web page design.


Printing plays and important, yet almost always neglected, role in advertisement. We are past those days when simple printings would satisfy the market; an advertisement company needs to utilize state-of-the-art printing machinery to meet its printing needs. Using modern machines and printing houses equipped with true knowledge of advertisement that can guarantee the goal a company has for its products. Although graphic design is indeed the very thing that advertisement comprises of, yet, proper printing would make that initial idea come to actuality in the best way. Using modern machinery and enjoying the company of seasoned experts, San has provided printing services for different purposes and functions. These services include print and post-print services, off-set and digital print, in addition to indoor and outdoor printing services.


With no doubt, photography is one the most important methods in any advertising campaign which can bring closer and audience’s mind to an influential brand. For instance, a brochure that contains better photographs is guaranteed for success. It goes without saying that even in press advertisement, ads will catch attention if they are graphically alluring. The ultimate goal in advertising is promoting the audience’s will to use that product or service. To define industrial photography—as an important leg of advertising photography—it would be enough to say that any photograph that aims at introducing a specific product in order to make the audience familiar with that brand, is actually an industrial advertising photography. San Graphic and Design Co. benefits from an expert team who appreciate the true meaning of industrial photography and use state-of-the-art photography tools to help a company success.


Building teasers and advertisement films can play an important role in marketing. An effective advertisement film can easily promote a company’s market to a higher level and keep it there. The more professionally an advertising film is made, the higher levels of trust it gains with regard to its audience. Just review a typical TV commercial film. There are advertisement films whose mottos find their way into families and society and gains audience gaze repeatedly due to its charm. San Graphic and Design Co., having by its side the expertise of seasoned professionals in advertisement and filming, is ready to cooperate in different filming projects (advertisement, industry, documentary, commercials, animations…) One of San’s main services in this field is producing teasers (advertisement films) as real or animated film formats, special introductory films for factories, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, malls, … and producing educational films modified specifically for organizations—governmental or private.